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Anna Laitinen klettert in Chulilla, Spanien

In the past 15 years, Anna Laitinen has grown into Finland’s climbing powerhouse winning numerous Nordic titles and sending 8c+ routes around the globe. Now, traveling in a SUNLIGHT, she’s heading in high directions: Anna hunts outdoor adventures from her Northern home all the way to Spain. She was once travelling a lot on planes (“the fastest, but not the smartest” way of travelling). Today, she sees and enjoys so much more with her SUNLIGHT motorhome.

Life is a journey – not a flight from A to B

“I want to explore and look and feel on my travels. I want the travel part to become an adventure,” says Anna about her new camping passion. “For me, life is a journey, and it doesn’t make sense to take short-cuts.” For Anna that also means acting responsible and taking care of nature. „The SUNLIGHT CLIFF 600 RT Adventure Edition is just perfect. I wake up in the middle of those amazing landscapes, at places I would have never found without my climbing passion and the flexibility to go just anywhere I like. And at the same time, I feel totally at home. It reminds me so much of our summer cottage at the lake where we spent our weekends and vacations as a family – a cozy little place in the middle of nature.”

“Welcoming a climber and boulderer like Anna to our team is a fantastic addition. Climbing has immensely grown in popularity in recent years – also among travelers”, says Sarah Lazonby, Marketing Expert at SUNLIGHT. “Anna is an extremely talented climber and is such a passionate, open-minded and curious person – she is just the perfect match for our Adventure Crew.”

In March, Anna will head to the North of Spain to tackle her first 9a. We’re sure she will have the most amazing time and wish her all the best.

For an extensive interview with Anna Liina Laitinen click here.

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Media — Pro-Climber Anna Liina Laitinen joins the SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew.

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Pro-Climber Anna Liina Laitinen joins the SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew
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Pro-Climber Anna Liina Laitinen joins the SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew
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Pro-Climber Anna Liina Laitinen joins the SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew
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Pro-Climber Anna Liina Laitinen joins the SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew
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Pro-Climber Anna Liina Laitinen joins the SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew


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