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Your Adventure Starts Now! The new appearance with its earth tones, the fresh logo and the prominent claim, has been developed in cooperation with the graphic design agency HammerAlbrecht based in Vienna.

New Colors, New Patterns
Reworking the color scheme, the traditional SUNLIGHT red is replaced by muted, timeless tones. The key colors White, Offgrid Green and Black are complemented by shades of calm brown, green and gray.  The brand also introduces two new design elements: the patterns Outdoor and Urban are minimalist interpretations of topographic or street maps. Nature and urbanism – the motives capture the two worlds that SUNLIGHT unites in its product portfolio.

Revised Logo
Of course, the brand’s picture mark also comes in a new design with clear basic forms based on the golden ratio. The palm tree in front of a circular background – symbolizing the sun – also creates a stronger link between picture mark and brand name. The SUNLIGHT logo lettering as a word mark has been revised as well. The sporty, elegant and clean logo will shine on all promo material, on the website and on the vehicles’ interior as well as exterior.

Adventure Now.
When it comes to visual language and storytelling, SUNLIGHT has been committed to authentic action and emotions for years. The new claim “Adventure Now.” emphasizes the hedonistic and adventure-driven spirit of the brand. It can be applied to all models – and it holds several key messages: It’s an inspiration to go your own way. It’s the call to explore the unknown. It’s the motivation to live life to the fullest. Adventure is the brand’s core directive, it is SUNLIGHT’s DNA!

Digital Future for a Modern Target Group
SUNLIGHT is a brand with a strong identity. To further promote its position as an outstanding and progressive motorhome brand, SUNLIGHT keeps pushing its digitization. Modern solutions give the forward-driven target group smart opportunities of being informed and staying connected. Social media plays a central role in interacting with the end consumers and in further expanding the big, loyal community. SUNLIGHT now plans of utilizing these platforms even more in the areas of Sales and After Sales.

SUNLIGHT’s future is digital – therefore, the brand also resigns from print material in its B2B- and B2C communication. A further benefit: in 2020, the company already saved 110 tons of CO2 emissions by refraining from print material – it’s a small step for SUNLIGHT, but the brand is dedicated to continuously work on reducing its carbon footprint.

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Press Contact

Sunlight GmbH

Ölmühlestraße 6

88299 Leutkirch
Stefan Riedlinger +49 (0)7561 9097-132

Geschwister Zack PR

Wiesseer Str. 16 a

83703 Gmund am Tegernsee
Julia Englhart +49 (0) 8022 925 47 -10


Marketing Lead Stefan Riedlinger states: “The reduced, sustainable concept of SUNLIGHT is highlighted in this new color and pattern systematics.”

Media — Adventure Now. SUNLIGHT’s new branding..

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Adventure Now. SUNLIGHT’s new branding.
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Adventure Now. SUNLIGHT’s new branding.
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Adventure Now. SUNLIGHT’s new branding.


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