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Press Release / 09.12.2021

The SUNLIGHT A-Class shines in a new design – and in Stars & Stripes!

In the model year 2022, the three SUNLIGHT A-Class models come in a progressive new design. Yet this winter season, the I 68 already rolls out in elite sports: the US Biathlon team travels the World Cup in the sleek motorhome using it as a place to focus and recover.
The young motorhome brand SUNLIGHT stands out with its mindset and style, with its ambitions and visions. So does the US Biathlon team: the athletes are the underdogs in the competitive biathlon world who inspire with their mix of ambitious athleticism and love for life. They used to be overlooked, but today catch the attention with their fun-embracing attitude, their great performance and their stylish, high-end equipment. The latter is provided by Bavarian sportswear brand Maloja and SUNLIGHT. Modern Aesthetic and Retreat for the Underdogs The US Biathlon squad is travelling through eight countries with its I 68 on the World Cup tour. A comfortable retreat that is new to a team that used to be anything but spoilt: “While the other nations had their shiny branded cars, we travelled in cheap rental cars,” says US athlete Clare Egan. “Our appearance was far from professional.” Today, however, the team has very special partners with Maloja and SUNLIGHT, who support them with passion and an individual set-up. Thus, the I 68 shines in a Stars and Stripes design and perfectly fits the US squad’s lifestyle with its athletic front. Especially during the pandemic, the A-Class is an essential retreat for the athletes. Adventure Now! A Call to Explore. With its completely revised front design, the three A-Class models reflect SUNLIGHT’s forward-driven commitment. The models I 67S, I 68 and I 69L come with LED headlights and turn signals with its own lights signature and black headlight cover. On the inside, the reworked dashboard integrates a foldable passenger closet and a modern surface structure. The dashboard becomes more functional, too: optimized storage for the smartphone, maps or coins, cup holders for driver and passenger and a spacious center shelf are standard. Find more information here Read the emotional story behind the partnership of the US-Biathlon Teams and Maloja here: Maloja Stories – The underdogs in biathlon Video US Biathlon x Maloja
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Press Release / 02.11.2021

Your Essential Guide to Winter RV Camping

You want to embark on snow-sports adventures in your motorhome or camper van? Fantastic idea - We have 8 tips for your successful winter camping trip!
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Press Release / 18.08.2021

Adventure Now. SUNLIGHT’s new branding.

Modern, sporty, dynamic: In summer 2021, German motorhome brand SUNLIGHT rolls out with a clear vision and a strong statement. The new, holistic Corporate Design and the revised Corporate Identity underline the progressive brand direction
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Press Release / 18.08.2021

Updates in SUNLIGHT‘s Product Portfolio 2022

Since its launch in 2004, SUNLIGHT has set its ambitions on becoming a creative and dynamic motorhome company with a strong digital focus. Respectively, the brand’s target group is dynamic and open-minded – people who can live their dreams with SUNLIGHT. In the model year 2022, all of the SUNLIGHT vehicles shine in a new progressive style: the new logo highlights the brand’s changeover and the Coachbuilts and A-Class models roll out with fresh updates.
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Press Release / 09.08.2021

SUNLIGHT CLIFF RT Adventure Edition with a Roof Top

SUNLIGHT grows its super successful model CLIFF – literally: the CLIFF RT features a roof top for two additional people. The extended camper van brings more freedom for SUNLIGHT’s key message: Your Adventure Starts Now.
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Press Release / 06.08.2021

New Work: Home Office on Wheels

Digitalization and new mobility concepts are the driving forces of societal transformation. Forces that have to be re-thought and re-defined on all levels. The young company SUNLIGHT is one of the most progressive brands on the RV market with a strong digital focus. Now, the German company embraces the New Work topic with its project Home Office on Wheels – developing a concept for a mobile workplace solution in motorhomes.
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Press Release / 13.04.2021

May we introduce: CLIFF

He is clever, loyal – and adventure driven. Plus, with his sporty looks and modern style he is an eyecatcher, too. Die Rede ist von CLIFF! The Camper Van by the motorhome brand SUNLIGHT is the perfect model for fun-loving freedom lovers. He is an allrounder, built on a Fiat Ducato, comes in different layouts and can be customized.
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