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Press Release / 25. November 2022

6 Tips for Camping Trips with Kids

Aline Bock is a snowboard pro, an avid surfer and a new mum of twins. In the past, she has been on several month-long Camper Van adventures – yet, traveling with kids is a different story. From her first family trip with the SUNLIGHT T 68 Adventure Edition to France she returns with numerous tips. Here she reveals her recommendations for having a great time with your camping newbies.
#1 Child-Friendly Motorhome When you travel with your toddler in a motorhome, make sure to check whether it has all the right features. Safety comes first – from the fall-out protection in the bed to the seats with Isofix, which are, for example, standard in all SUNLIGHT vehicles. Thus, you can easily install your own child seats. “For us”, Aline says, “the only question was whether we can put two child seats next to each other – and that worked out perfectly.” SUNLIGHT also offers an additional child bed to turn the driver’s cabin into an extra place for sleeping. #2 Get Organized The better you plan your trip the more relaxed you will be. Aline used to be flexible and spontaneous, always hunting the best snow, wave, or weather, while she is a well-organized camping mother today. Good planning is key: know what to bring and where to store it strategically. Have you thought of sun protection and entertainment for those rainy days? #3 The right Campsite What are the three key features you look for in a camping site when travelling with kids? Exactly: family-friendly, family-friendly, and family-friendly. This could mean, for example, a safe, non-exposed spot, trees that provide shade, and a sandy beach close by with shallow water. Short distances are also essential as well as child-friendly sanitary facilities, playgrounds, etc. “We found a perfect site right at the French Atlantic coast between Bordeaux and Biarritz providing all amenities a family can wish for”, says Aline. “The pinewood provided shade, which was a blessing with the temperatures. And we were close to the beach so we could park the motorhome and reach everything by foot.” #4 Slower Pace, Shorter Stages “Our original plan was to drive all night, while the two are sleeping”, Aline remembers. “Yet, only a few hours into the journey we realized how naïve that idea was. You should not try a 12-hour ride with kids. Make sure to divide your trip into stages. In the end, it is not a problem to stop and rest with the camper van or motorhome.” You find legal parking spots easily with apps like Park4Night (available in six languages). “And you should also not underestimate how important it is to keep the kids entertained on the road: distract them with books, games, songs – whatever works. My tip: bring a lot of toys for the road – and a great selection of nursery rhymes.” #5 Keep it Basic Yet, how many toys should you actually bring? Aline pleads for downsizing: “Apart from the time on the road I really believe less is more. Our kids were so happy playing with driftwood and seashells, they had no interest in their toys at all.” In the end, a sandy beach is the perfect playground for kids. “And at the campsite they played with pinecones and tupperware. You really don’t have to bring your whole arsenal of toys.” Another point to consider is where to store the toys. Easy accessibilty from the inside as well as from the outside is top priority – “otherwise the noise level will rise quickly.” Aline’s top tip: “We reserved our shoe rack for the kids – you open the flap, and everything is right there handy.” #6 Balancing Sports and Kids “I love surfing and it’s hard being at the beach and not hitting the waves”, says Aline. “However, me and my husband took turns for short surf sessions. Ideally, you travel with other families or take the grandparents along.” Some camping sites even offer daycare and animation for children, when the parents want to get active without their offspring. You have to do your research, but it is very likely you will find programs, kid’s courses or even family camps as Aline has: “I’ve found a surf camp in Portugal, where you have trained staff looking after the kids, while you are surfing.”
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Press Release / 6. October 2022

Creating the perfect Winter Home

With the right preparation, you will have the most amazing and unique winter experiences in your Camper Van or Motorhome. SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew member Oli Dorn spends his summer on the mountain bike and his winter on the snowboard. His perfect set-up: maximum riding during the day, maximum coziness as soon as it gets dark. With all his experience, Oli knows how to prep his mobile home and turn it into a comfy basecamp right at the slopes.
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Press Release / 26. August 2022

8 hacks for more sustainable camping

We all try to incorporate sustainability into our everyday routine at home, at work, when shopping, when cooking. But what happens when we are on vacation? In the end, we want to let go, enjoy more, think less. However, sustainability doesn’t have to be a big effort or less joy. We leave a carbon footprint with each and every trip and it’s our responsibility to keep it as small as possible. And it’s not that hard. SUNLIGHT helps you out with eight useful tips to minimize our impact on the environment when camping:
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Press Release / 22. June 2022

SUNLIGHT presents Camper Van CLIFF 590 4×4 Adventure Edition

With the CLIFF 590 4x4 Adventure Edition, SUNLIGHT takes its Camper Van on a route beyond – on desert roads, gravel tracks, or muddy paths: Adventure now. Offroad.
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Press Release / 7. June 2022

VANLIFE MTB CODE OF CONDUCT – 10 tips for mountain bike trips with your motorhome or camper van

Vanlife and mountain biking are the perfect match. Our Adventure Crew is the best proof. And our vehicles are adapted to adventurers who are setting out to explore the world with four and then two wheels. There’s no better start in the day then to wake up right in the mountains or at the foot of the bike park. To ensure the beautiful places stay beautiful and your peaceful camping life stays peaceful, SUNLIGHT has collected ten tips in the special “Vanlife Code of Conduct for Mountain Bikers”.
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Press Release / 9. March 2022

Pro-Climber Anna Liina Laitinen joins the SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew

The SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew proudly welcomes a new team member: Anna Liina Laitinen (31) joins the motorhome brand. Born and bred in Finland, she is not only known for her impressive performances on the wall, but also for her adventurous spirit: with her SUNLIGHT Camper Van she’s hunting for the remotest climbing spots in Europe. With Anna, the SUNLIGHT Adventure Crew now counts twelve exceptional, free-spirited athletes.
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Press Release / 7. February 2022

SUNLIGHT tips and guidance: How to enjoy and protect Wild Camping Adventures

Wild camping is one of the great perks of travelling with a motorhome, camper van or van – falling asleep in the great outdoors, waking up in jaw-dropping sceneries, enjoying the remoteness, the peaceful privacy and solitude. HOWEVER, often wild campers leave traces and trespass private land (sometimes without knowing) leading to bans and limitations in many countries. Yet, if you obey certain rules and regulations, you will still be able to embark on wild camping adventures.
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