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Press Release / 13. April 2021

May we introduce: CLIFF

He is clever, loyal – and adventure driven. Plus, with his sporty looks and modern style he is an eyecatcher, too. Die Rede ist von CLIFF! The Camper Van by the motorhome brand SUNLIGHT is the perfect model for fun-loving freedom lovers. He is an allrounder, built on a Fiat Ducato, comes in different layouts and can be customized.
1 Room, Kitchen, Bath – Your Choice Colour, layout, design – in 2021, CLIFF has become even more adaptable. It’s your choice: the SUNLIGHT Camper Van is available in the Standard or the Adventure Edition in four different lengths (from 541 to 636 cm). The four models differ in approved total mass, size and sleeping areas. No matter which layout you pick, you get the whole package with bath, kitchen, living space and sleeping area. For additional requests, SUNLIGHT offers a selection of extras as well as various, functional accessory packages.   Getting out – Coming down Take him anywhere! CLIFF in an allrounder that feels comfortable on any terrain. He is compact and agile to easily steer through the urban jungle or up small winding pass roads. Great Inside Out CLIFF is not just a good-looking guy, he has top inner qualities, too! Even when you start with the basics, you quickly realize that the SUNLIGHT team knows what you are looking for in a mobile home. Depending on the model you can rest and sleep on the super comfortable crosswise or lengthwise or bunk beds. The living space features a cozy seating corner with a half dinette and swivel driver and passenger seats. In the kitchen you find all that your hungry heart is longing for: a 84l fridge, a 2- burner hob with split-glass lid, a spacious sink and lot of space for your head as well. When it comes to your personal hygiene: you will be as clean and shiny as you want to… The bathroom has a toilet, fixed wash basin and an extractable shower head. One for All CLIFF is made for individualists, for couples and small families. The price starts at 35.599 € (EURO) (Standard Edition CLIFF 540 with basics) and thus is a SUNLIGHT entry model – however, it might be a financial lightweight, but when it comes to mobility, comfort and flexibility, CLIFF is a heavy champion. With its smart design and clever solutions, the Camper Van offers an enormous space for storing even big sports equipment. So bring everything you need for you big adventures and set out to explore what the world holds for you. CLIFF will be your super reliable, fun, and good-looking companion all the way.
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Press Release / 22. February 2021

R.V. there yet?

After a canceled spring and a long summer, Dominik Wagner, Ludvig Billtoft, Benny Urban, and Simon Gschaider were excited for the first few snowfall days in October.
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